What’s My Home Worth? Get Sold COMPS in Seconds!


Perhaps one of the most asked questions relating to Real Estate is, What’s My Home Worth? Over the past years, consumer frustration has been reported regarding Zillow’s Zestimates® home valuation reports, which tended to vary. Today’s online technology has vastly improved. Unfortunately, Texas is a non-disclosure State, meaning most automated COMP reports don’t use actual CLOSED or SOLD prices. Most consumers don’t know that, which can lead to more frustration.

We Got a Solution! And it WORKS!

ARG has an AMAZING Automated Technology Solution that helps get you more facts in under a MINUTE. You can get a FREE AUTOMATED COMP Report containing MLS-reported CLOSING PRICES using the FULL POWER of MLS sent to your email. With ARG’s true-close-price technology, you can now evaluate your home’s potential market value based on the CLOSED prices of neighborhood homes. Why base your home’s value on neighborhood rumors when you can have the facts emailed to you in under a minute?

Regarding the accuracy of your automated report, you may need to refer to your Tax Appraisal Office (links below) to get the reported SQFT of your home. If you have an appraisal, you may use that square footage number.

One Last Comment About Real Market Value

I can tell you with certainty I’m not Superman, nor do I have a crystal ball, but I have a fair degree of intuition from being a 20-year-tenured professional. With that said, your home’s real market value is not what the tax office says or even what market reports say it’s worth; it is what someone is willing to pay you for your home. Market factors include your home’s lot and location, schools, age, size and floor plans, colors, upgrades, condition, cleanliness, staging, and curb appeal. Also, good or bad macroeconomic factors can offset even the best manually generated Realtor COMP report in a plus or minus direction.


Get the Highest Quality Automated COMP report for your HOME in less than a MINUTE!


About the Author
Owner and founder of ARG. In 2003 Mike, who enjoyed a 20-year career in semiconductor wafer fabrication, joined his wife, Jenee, to form the Askins Realty Group. Mike, now with over 20 years of being a top producer, is fiercely independent with the drive of an entrepreneur, and a level of Real Estate knowledge, experience, and sales volume few ever achieve.

Mike, a resident of Sherman, TX, can handle your buyer and listing agent needs with our lower-cost and immensely competitive Realty Business! With nearly Two Billion in sales and a unique knowledge of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, you'll have a real estate warrior in your corner.