Psst! Another 100% Commission Free Move-up Just Closed!

You can’t beat a full-service commission-free bargain like this. In comparison, other Realtors charge 3% for their so-called “Free Move-up,” making such a move-up not free. Obviously, “Free” is being used rather loosely.

So, what is a Free-Move-up? That is when the Realtor is both the new home buyer agent and the listing agent for the client’s current home.

Yet amid all the marketing confusion about what is free or not free, ARG just closed another total Commission Free sale of yet another client’s home. Are we doing something wrong or just correctly using the word Free?

For two decades, we have saved our clients millions in traditional Realtor commission expenses by eliminating both the Seller and Buyer Agents’ 3% commission, or all 6%, just like our latest ARG Closing, which saw a savings of ~$24,000. Imagine transforming your most significant closing cost expense, the Realtor commission, into the home equity you keep.

Now the real question is, why not claim this kind of savings too? So, call us if you’re considering moving to a new home in the D/FW area and have an existing home to sell. We’ll shoot you a quick quote based on the numbers you provide us (new home price versus projected preowned home sales price) and answer any of your questions.

About the Author
Owner and founder of ARG. In 2003 Mike, who enjoyed a 20-year career in semiconductor wafer fabrication, joined his wife, Jenee, to form the Askins Realty Group. Mike, now with over 20 years of being a top producer, is fiercely independent with the drive of an entrepreneur, and a level of Real Estate knowledge, experience, and sales volume few ever achieve.

Mike, a resident of Sherman, TX, can handle your buyer and listing agent needs with our lower-cost and immensely competitive Realty Business! With nearly Two Billion in sales and a unique knowledge of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, you'll have a real estate warrior in your corner.