Selling? Where Will You Go?

Where to go when you Sell?

If you’re genuinely in the market to sell your Anna/DFW area home, listen up because no two methods are the same.

Here Are Your Basic Choices:

  1. Sell then RENT. This is bad because your home equity will be spent on a non-retainable asset (rent), and you move TWICE.
  2. Sell your home. Ask for as long of a Seller’s leaseback as possible (60 days max), and then pray you can find a replacement home you can close and move into in 45 – 60 days. This one is chancy.
  3. Get a Construction Loan. Then live in your current home until your new home is complete, then sell your home.
  4. Get a Bridge Loan. This is subject to your ability to borrow. You then contract, build, close and move. Then you sell your previous home and close the loan on your new home. This one is a popular choice.
  5. Buy an RV! Before you close on the house you’re selling, buy an RV versus just renting. This one is only for the adventurous. Purchasing an RV with the money you were planning on spending on rent means you did not just give away part of your home equity with nothing to show. You’ll also need to rent out storage and find an RV park. If you have land, you could always add septic and utilities, especially if that is where you plan to build your next home.
  6. The WORST way for home sellers to retain equity is to seek a FAST BUY OUT.

No matter which method you choose, there is a cost involved with changing addresses. Learn More to find out how much money Realty Anna can save you on typical MLS listing Commissions.

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