Are You Ready to SAVE on MLS Listing Commissions?

I want to list and sell your home while saving you a tidy sum of money! ARG offers a proven 20-year full-service, reduced commission strategy that has been successful in approximately 95% of our MLS listings. Such a success rate, spanning nearly two full decades, is nearly unheard of with typical brokerages.

Our science-based system can help sellers from McKinney to Sherman walk away with the largest possible home equity retention. We’ve also listed and sold many homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We mention “science” because selling is a science. Obey it, and repeating it is the only way to achieve it successfully.

Sure, there is a seemingly endless list of consumer home seller options, from instant home buyouts to realtor offers to buy your home in “X” days if they can’t sell it. But these are come-ons to hook your business designed to offer convenience versus the true market value of your home. When you look at the fine print, most people would never agree to let their homes go for what the “real” buyout offer would need to be.

Ultimately, your main focus should be your retained NET PROCEEDS from the sale of your home. The higher the proceeds number is, the more home equity you retain, and that’s the bottom line truth of the matter.


Save on Commissions and Get SOLD!

SOLD, but with More Equity Retention, is called WINNING!


About the Author
Owner and founder of ARG. In 2003 Mike, who enjoyed a 20-year career in semiconductor wafer fabrication, joined his wife, Jenee, to form the Askins Realty Group. Mike, now with over 20 years of being a top producer, is fiercely independent with the drive of an entrepreneur, and a level of Real Estate knowledge, experience, and sales volume few ever achieve.

Mike, a resident of Sherman, TX, can handle your buyer and listing agent needs with our lower-cost and immensely competitive Realty Business! With nearly Two Billion in sales and a unique knowledge of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, you'll have a real estate warrior in your corner.